Storyboards for War Nurses Memorial Park


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Photographs of the Nurses – Zululand to Afghanistan history storyboards, the official unveiling of the storyboards by Mr Ken O’Dowd MP, Federal Member for Flynn, as well as a few photos of the War Nurses Memorial Park as at 17 February 2015 can be viewed by copying and pasting the links into your browser

20150210_083145From Takalvan St side



Storyboards showing the history of military nursing as well as the history of War Nurses Memorial Park will be the final installment in the Bundaberg & District Ex Servicewomen’s project to commemorate the Centenary of Anzac.

Four sets of double sided boards will be installed in the Peace Garden, which is located adjacent to the War Nurses Memorial Pavilion and along the Centenary of Anzac Avenue. The  storyboards will provide visitors an opportunity to read more about the wonderful contribution nurses and women have made to our nation for over 100 years and will be a permanent legacy to their sacrifice and service.

To view and download the storyboards, click on the links for each of the 8 different boards.  The pdf document may taken some minutes to download and open – as the documents are very detailed, and contain a great deal of material and graphics.  Your patience will be rewarded when you get to open your storyboard documents.

It is suggested you save the downloaded file onto your computer, and then you will be able to adjust the viewing size.

Storyboard One  – Project overview, Introduction and Boer War

Storyboard Two – Great War Nurses (1)

Storyboard Three – Great War Nurses (2)

Storyboard Four – Second World War Nurses (1)

Storyboard Five – Second World War Nurses (2)

Storyboard Six – Cold War Nurses

Storyboard Seven – Recent Conflicts, Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Operations

Storyboard Eight – War Nurses Memorial Park



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