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War Nurses Memorial Park  Enhancement Concept Plan

 Update on project as at 27th May 2014:

The final design plan for the proposed enhancements to War Nurses Memorial Park has been received from Bundaberg Regional Council, and work is underway to source contractors and obtain costings.

Not all of the elements we wanted have been approved by Council, but the important aspects have been endorsed and incorporated into the concept plan.

Centenary of ANZAC walk links the new Australian Service Nurses Memorial Wall to the heritage listed War Nurses Memorial Pavilion and includes two formal gardens that will each contain a wall of memories.  The first plaque to be laid in one of these gardens will be an updated honour roll of Bundaberg region’s nurses who served overseas during WW1.

Seating has been added to the Southern side of the memorial pavilion, which should provide some shade as well as much need comfortable seating within the park.

The history storyboard area allows for 5 double sided storyboards to be erected to tell the story of service nursing.

It is hoped that a water fountain  will be installed, once Council has confirmed suitable water services.

We will be working closely with council to complete the major elements by 24th September 2014, in time for the dedication of the new memorial wall and the services to commemorate the Centenary of WW1 and the role of nurses.

Jenny Waldron



Bundaberg & District Ex Servicewomen’s Association has been working closely with Bundaberg Regional Council since May 2013 in developing plans for enhancements to the War Nurses Memorial Park, and in recent months we have developed an overall concept of the enhancements planned for the park.

The memorial wall element has been approved by council and is ready to move into the construction phase, once advice that our Saluting Their Service grant from Department of Veterans Affairs, has been successful.

These concepts were discussed in detail during a meeting with Bundaberg Regional Council  staff on 24th February 2014 and the overall concept was endorsed. The concept will guide the development of the master plan design, that will be require Council approval. Once completed, this design plan will guide the enhancement projects within the War Nurses Memorial Park and projects in the future.

Completion dates for the areas are listed. The key date is the 24 September 2014, when Centenary of ANZAC commemorative service and memorial wall dedication and unveiling is to take place.

 Broad Concept

 The park is to be “divided” into two sections as shown below:

 Section One – Commemoratons:  for completion 24 Sep 2014 (Memorial Wall / Memorial Pavilion  Area)

  •  ·         Australian Service Nurses Memorial Wall and flag station refurbishment
  • ·         Centenary of ANZAC ( Remembering Our War Nurses) Avenue (section one)
  •  ·         Tribute to civilian nurses and civilian organisations
  •  ·         Centenary of ANZAC Commemorative Gardens
  •  ·         Peace Garden, including shade trees to pavilion

 Section Two – History Area: must be completed by 30 June 2015

  •  ·         Centenary of ANZAC (Remembering Our War Nurses) Avenue (History Trail)
  • ·         Nursing history storyboards
  • ·         Amenities for visitors to park
  •  ·         Centenary of ANZAC Commemorative Gardens

 Detailed Concepts

 Section One: Completion by 24 Sep 14

 ·         Australian Service Nurses Memorial Wall:  Plan approved.

  ·         Surrounds of New Wall: to provide a designated area for people to view wall.

 o   Add concrete area of approx same size of flag station base to the front of memorial wall – to provide standing and viewing area (rather than standing on dirt/grass)

o   Incorporate this area into the Centenary of ANZAC (Remembering Our War Nurses) Avenue which will also be an access path from street footpaths and will link the new memorial wall to the current memorial pavilion

 o   Sponsors plaque laid into concrete area to rear of wall on the rear of flag station

o   The small 1995 Rededication plaque to be relocated to rear of flag station

o   Remembering our War Nurses logo on a plaque to be inlaid into concrete in the front area of the wall

o   small conflict/service plaques at the foot of front of wall to be inlaid into concrete

·         Lighting for New Wall and Avenue: 

o   Ground lighting for wall

o   Lighting for avenue

 ·         Centenary of ANZAC – Remembering Our War Nurses Avenue (Footpaths:  Access to Pavilion and Wall) – pathways to enter park, giving access to both the new memorial wall and the heritage listed WW1/WW2 memorial pavilion and linking the wall with pavilion to form a united War Nurses Memorial.

·         Centenary of ANZAC Commemorativel Gardens:

 o   Peace Garden:

§  incorporate some shade trees (for pavilion) into the garden design.

§  Alternatively, shade trees to be a stand- alone living tribute to those who paid supreme sacrifice:

·         WW1 – Wilson and Mowbray

·         WW2 – Mittleheuser and Wylie

o    Commemorative Gardens: Include in these gardens:

§  Honour roll – allows those not named in pavilion to be honoured –  (WW1/WW2) nurses

§  In reasonable proximity to memorial pavilion, so as ‘linked’.

 o   Commemorative Gardens: Some beautification ideas:

o   Rosemary hedge or similar around the edge of water tower

o   Low growing native garden bed to incorporate current War Nurses Park sign

o   Build a low maintenance  tribute garden to civilian nurses close to memorial wall – remove straggly tree and replace with more suitable memorial garden area

o   Low hedging/plants to highlight memorial wall  the Centenary of ANZAC Avenue (Remembering Our War Nurses) and memorial pavilion

 Section Two – for Completion 30 June 2015

 ·         Centenary of ANZAC (Remembering Our War Nurses) Avenue – Continued past memorial pavilion:  Section Two (History Trail):

 o   Path around water tower, the commemorative  gardens and history board areas

o   Provide  access to park and link section 1 and 2

·         Centenary of ANZAC Commemorative Gardens – Additional Gardens in Section Two:

o   Additional commemorative gardens to those in Section One

o   Beautification to park

o   Incorporated with Centenary of ANZAC (Remembering Our War Nurses)  Avenue

o   Seating

·         Nurses History Storyboard Area:

o   Significant local nurses – Sister Constance Keys, RRC MID and others

o   General history of role of nurses in each major conflict

o   War Nurses Park history

o   Other humanitarian organisations Australians served with etc

o   Link to current nursing profession

·         Amenities:

o   Additional shaded seating/picnic tables

o   Upgrade current picnic table settings

o   Additional rubbish bins

o   Add a water fountain

As at 5th February 2014 – Prepared by Jennifer Waldron, President



Bundaberg & District Ex Servicewomen’s Association



5th February 2014

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